Jag har semester 24/6-6/7 (beställningar som läggs under denna period skickas i tur och ordning med start den 7/7)

About Me

Behind My Sweet Tinythings is me, Kristina Leivik. Born in Norrbotten, in the North of Sweden, I now live in Södermanland, just south of Stockholm. 

I have always had a great personal interest in arts, design and handicraft, and after many years in other sectors, last year I wanted to fulfil my dream. Having a background in fine arts I decided to deisgn and create miniatures and jewelry. 

I noticed a huge interest for my creations, and I love when my customers appreciate what I do. It's veyr important to me that you feel special and get a product uniquely designed for you. That is why I prefer to create on demand instead of keeping large stocks. 

Hand made and designed for you

All my products are hand made by me in my studio. I only work with quality materials, both jewelry and miniatures. I put a lot of effort in every detail in order for you as a customer to get a product of the highest quality. It is equally important for me as for you that the product you get in your hand are well made and unique.